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GONGTIE CNC smart automation solutions can significantly increase your daily production capacity, optimize your factory operations and lead to a better efficiency. It allows to improve speed, reduce errors, strengthen quality, can streamline your manufacturing process to make it smoother and more efficient.

GONGTIE Gantry systems come in various sizes with single or twin arm gantries and loading robots systems can pick up and collect products and parts of all shapes and sizes and place them in the CNC machine or to a stocker accurately.

GONGTIE CNC automation covers the management of information and data, which includes updating production plans, optimizing resource utilization and prioritizing productions, this plays a big role on managing quality stable and manufacturing process profitability.

Benefits Of GONGTIE CNC Automation Smart Solutions

Gantry robot
Loading stocker
Unloading stocker

Gantry Systems

● Processing parts: disk parts, special shaped parts, shaft parts.
● Specification: Suitable for no enough space for loading/unloading , one side for loading and another side for unloading , it is convenient for user to add cleaning machine, testing machine, etc..
● Suitable CNC machine: all Gongtie CNC machines except P3538 CNC machine.

Robot Handling Systems

● Processing parts: shaft parts, disk parts, special shaped parts.
● Suitable CNC machine: Flat bed CNC machine P3518/P3538
● Specification: the combination production line does not effect any operation, tools changing, program setting and clamping parts by hand, it is also good for small quantity parts production

Gantry Robot

Gantry Loading Systems

● Processing part: Disk, special shaped part
● Stocker size: 250*400mm, 2 stockers.
● Workpiece size range: no more than 50mm dia/length.
● Advantage: Small and competitive price, save purchase cost and processing cost.
● Suitable CNC machine: P3538

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