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P3518 Flat Bed CNC Lathe With Gang Tools ideal for High Precision Small Parts Processing with automatic bar feeding machines

● High precision turning- center.
● Long movement of X axis,excellent in tools loading .
● High performance synchronous electric drive oil cooling spindle with max.10,000rm speed.
● Roller guide way support supper feeding.
● Ball screw provides high precision feeding.
● 5 gang tool holders.
● Stainless steel inner fence for guide way.
● 2m lifting water pump.
● Optional integrated automation of gantry robot helps effective production.
● Suitable for processing high-precision small parts with automatic bar feeding machines.

Product Description

Machine Parts

Please feel free to contact us of your CNC lathe application, our professional team is standby for you to make decisions and come up with solutions.


Lathe Bed

Type: Flat bed for horizontal machine.
Material: Integrate caste by HT300 iron with super rigidity.
Painting: High temperature stoving varnish.
Structure: Designed to load full parts.
Features: Easy to chip conveying.
Provides stable support and anti-vibration.

CNC System

● Syntec 22TA CNC system.
● All-in-one driving.
● Easy to program and operate.
● Optional of FANUC or SIEMENS system.


Type: Synchronous motor spindle built in directly.
Spindle bearing: KOYO brand P4 grade from Japan.
Spindle item: A2-5 spindle nose, 47mm spindle bore, 8.5kw power, 0~6000rpm speed, oil cooling way.
Features: The spindle provides constant torque, low vibration, fast speed up/down and high precision.

Collet & Chuck

● Collect or chuck are optional according to processing wa
● Hydraulic power to clamp work-piece.
● 5 Gang tool holders standard, live tool can be optional for milling, drilling, etc.

Guide Way & Screw

Brand: PMI from Taiwan.
Type: High precise P grade roller guide way/C3 grade roller screw
Size: 25mm Width with roller sliding block. 2508 ball screw, φ25mm with 8mm thread pitch.
Driven motor: AM3 motor, 1.0kw power, 10Nm torque.
Features:High precise feeding and positioning

Electric Box

Electric box

● Syntec driver for machine running.
● Schneider lower power electrical parts from France.
● Air conditioning system to cool the electric box.
● Optional of FANUC or SIEMENS system.

Hydraulic System

● Seven Ocean brand from Taiwan
● 20L hydraulic capacity
● Work for hydraulic cylinder, chuck, tail-stock.

Lubrication System & Cooling System

● Ishan 2L capacity lubrication system for guide way and screw.
● Lubricating by oil separator.
● 2m water lifting pump supplies high pressure water to cool tools and clean chips
● 38L capacity water tank supply water cyclically.


Parameter Unit P3518
Max.Swing Diameter Over Bed mm 360
Max.Turning Diameter mm 200
Max.Turning Length mm 180
Center Height from Spindle to Tool Table mm 50
Center Height from Spindle to Ground mm ≈1080
X Axis Travel mm 320
Z Axis Travel mm 220
Spindle Nose Size N/A A2-5
Hydraulic Clamping collet 35
Spindle Bore Diameter mm 47
Max.Bar Capacity(inner/outer) mm 35/25
Spindle Motor Power kw 8.5
Spindle Rated Speed/Max.Speed r/min 3700/6000
Spindle Rated Torque/Max.Torque N 22/84
X/Z Axis Rapid Traverse(GO) m/min 20
Tool Holder Quantity Piece 5
Tool Shank Size mm 16
Boring Tool Holder mm φ20
X/Z Axis Rapid Traverse(GO)axis Repeatability mm 0.003
Cooling Tank Capacity L 38
Hydraulic Tank Capacity L 20
Machine Full Loading Power kw 12
Dimension(L x W x H) mm 1520 x 1370 x 1928
Total Machine Weight kg 1350
Warranty Month 18

Standard Configuration

No. Item Brand/Model Qty
1 Lathe bed Horizontal flat bed HT300 casted iron 1
2 CNC system Syntec 22TA 1
3 Servo Motor Syntec 1
4 Main spindle Gongtie Motorized Spindle 1
5 Spindle driven motor Syntec SMH Series 1
6 Spindle coder Syntec 1
7 Spindle bearing KOYO 5
8 Spindle coolant system Xinfu 1
9 Screw PMI 2508 ball screw 2
10 Guide way PMI 25 roller linear guide way 4
11 Axes motor Syntec AM3 2
12 Hydraulic System Seven Ocean 1
13 Lubrication System Ishan 1
14 Cooling system Luikar 1
15 Tool box Gongtie 1
16 Low pressure electrics Schneider 1

Optional Configuration

● SIEMENS 828D/FANUC 0i TF CNC controller


Based on work piece, we provide processing technology solutions with below optional accessories for each lathe.

Air Blowing Live tool Arm robot
C axis index Indexing chuck Bar feeder
Gantry robot loading & unloading Cutter Parts catcher
Automatic measuring system Automatic door Chips conveyor
Auto radius compensation Air gun Oil mist collector
High pressure coolant system Water gun Door lock switch
Tool measurement system Hydraulic collet or chuck Foot switch
We also provide product testing & inspection service.
Example of Machines With Arm Robot
Example of Bar Feeder
Example of Chips conveyor


Gantry Systems
Robot Handling Systems
Gantry Loading Systems

Gantry robot with stocking system on the spindle
Feeding from backside spindle for shaft parts
Feeding from front spindle for shaft parts
Feeding by swing tray


Customer Service

● Worry free solution service .
● Quick response by replying customer’s inquires within 6 hours.
● Accurate communication.
● Supply documents and technology data on line.

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