Simple CNC Machining Automation Solution

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Simple automation scheme

Product diagram: OP10

● Product Drawing No.: H20S-B275-40070-13

● Product material: Material: 45 steel

● Fixture: OP10 /OP20Using 4 “3 jaw hollow chuck

● Technical Memo:
1. Program setting tool life management (automatic alarm can reduce the amount of scrap and excessive damage of tool after the customer has booked the processing quantity).
2. The OP10 is equipped with a perforated ER16 dual power head and a side ER20 power head.
3. OP10 serial tool holder Customized one-piece tool holder.

● Processing accuracy requirements:
Strictly according to the drawing requirements (OP10 Preface):

Automation scheme

Conveyor belt (go left)

Overall schematic front view

● Equipment model: OP10 adopts P3518-simple feeding
1. Machine tool: Precision line rail flat bed row cutter electric spindle lathe P3518
2. Feeding method: vibrating plate simple feeding + cylinder conveyor belt feeding

● Diagram:
1. Precision wire rail flatbed cutter electric spindle lathe P3518- simple feeding overall diagram


Overall schematic side view:

Serial number Product name Specification model Unit Quantity
1 Iron parts vibration plate Vibration plate complete set Including plate surface, remote vibration, Chuangyouhu SDVC31-M controller, lack of material alarm, full material shutdown Set 1
Direct vibration complete set Including direct vibration track, direct vibration, Chuangyouhu SDVC31-S controller Set 1

2. Schematic diagram of optical machine feeding:


3. Partial diagram: (for reference )


4. Partial diagram: (for reference )

CNC Machining Automation Solution

Optical and mechanical diagram

● P3518 Parameters, configuration:
1. P3518 Main technical parameters of machine tools:

Parameter main itemUnitParameter value
Max. swing dia.(over bed )mmΦ360
Max. cutting diametermm200
Max. cutting lengthmm180
Spindle to tool holder plate center heightmm50
Spindle center to ground heightmm≈ 1080
X axis travelmm320
Z axis travelmm180
X axial motor power/torqueKw/N1/3.2
Z axial motor power/torqueKw/N1/3.2
Spindle end sizeN/AA2-5
Hydraulic chuck specificationsinch4
Spindle bore diametermm47
Max. bar hole diameter (inside/outside)mm35/25
Servo spindle powerKw5.5
Rated spindle speed/Max spindle speedr/min1500/6000
Spindle rated torque/maximum torqueN36/90
X/Z axis rapid traverse(GO)m/min20
Toolholder No.pc5
Tool shank sizemm16
Boring toolholder IDmm¢16
X/Z axis repeatabilitymm0.003
Cooling tank capacityL≈40
Hydraulic tank capacityL20
Machine power at full loadKW12
Dimension  (L * W * H)mm1520X1370X1928(without arm robot)
Total machine weightKg≈ 1350(without arm robot)

2.P3518 Machine tool main component configuration list:

1CNC systemSyntec 22TATaiwan China1
2Servo motor/driveSyntec AM3 bus motorTaiwan China2
3Spindle motor GONGTIE R&D1
4Guide way/ ballscrewsPMI/25Taiwan China2
5Linear guide PMI/2508Taiwan China4
6Main shaft bearingKOYO/(7015/7013)Japan5
7Spindle structure

Independent spindle with front three bearings and two after

8Screw support modePre-stretched double bracesGONGTIE R&D1
9Hollow hydraulic rotary cylinderZH-536Joint stock1
10Hydraulic system

Seven Ocean

Taiwan China1
11Electric cabinet with heat exchangerXINFU No.5 China1
12Low-voltage electrical apparatus


13Collet chuck4 inch hydraulic chuckChina1
14PumpRUIJIA (2 lift)China1
2. Additional items:
1Power headSingle ER20 side power headgongtie1
2Power headEnd ER16 dual power headgongtie1
3automateSimple feedgongtie1 set
4Chips conveyor China1
5High pressure water pump30/50/70Kg (Optional)China1
6waterwayX valves X outletsgongtie1
7Spindle back flush gongtie1
8Oil mist collectorcentrifugalChina1
9Vibrating disc China1

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OP20 Automation scheme

Product diagram: OP20

● Device Model: OP20 adopts P3538-H2C6
1. Lathe: Precision line rail flat bed row cutter electric spindle lathe P3538
2. Feeding mode: vibrating plate fixed point take-up + single truss loading (with drawer box C6)

● Processing accuracy requirements:
strictly according to the drawing requirements

● Diagram:
1. Overall diagram of precision wire rail flat bed lathe P3538-H2C6


2. Local diagram

3. Local diagram2

Drawer type car 6 floors
Cleaning basket size 230*380*(18-20)

4. Overall dimensions layout diagram

● P3538 Parameters, configuration:
1. P3538 Main technical parameters of machine tools:

Technical ParameterUnitParameter
Max swing diametermmΦ360/Φ98
Max cutting lengthmm300
Height  from  spindle  central point to the floormm≈1070
X axis travel(Max.)mm320
Z axis travel(Max.)mm300
Spindle structure

 First three and then two independent spindle units


Spindle end size A2-5
Optional hydraulic sleeve chuck size 36
Power Chuck Specifications (optional)6
Spindle bore diametermm48
Spindle bore diametermm25(35)
Spindle speed ranger/min3700/6000
Minimum movementmm0.001
X/Z axis rapid traverse (G0)m/min20
Tool shank sizemm16
X/Z axis repeatabilitymm0.003
Tank capacityL120
Hydraulic tank capacityL40
Tank capacity112
Gross machine weightKg≈1705

2. P3538 Machine tool main component configuration list:

1CNC systemSyntec 22TATaiwan China1
2Servo motor/driveSyntec  AM3 Taiwan China2
3Spindle motorC36 Motorized spindleGONGTIE R&D1
4Ball screw PMI/25Taiwan China2
5Linear guidePMI/2508Taiwan China4
6Main shaft bearingKOYO/(7015/7013)Japan5
7Spindle structureIndependent spindle with front three bearings and two afterGONGTIE R&D1
8Screw support modePre-stretched double bracesGONGTIE R&D1
9Hollow hydraulic rotary cylinderZH536Joint stock1
10Hydraulic systemSeven ocean SHF  seriesTaiwan China1
11Electric cabinet with heat exchanger  China1
12Low-voltage electrical apparatusSchneiderFrance1
13Collets6 inch hydraulic chuckTaiwan China1
14coolant bump4V-30China1
2.Optional item:
1chips conveyor China1
2High pressure water pump30/50/70KgChina1
3waterwayX valves X outletsgongtie1
4Spindle back flush gongtie1
5Oil mist collectorcentrifugalChina1

3. Automation device: assembly line servo manipulator

No.Part nameBrandquantity
Mechanical core component 
1Beam moduleGONGTIE1 set
2Cross railTaiwan intime1  set
3Air claw JAPAN  SMC1 set
4Rotary cylinder JAPAN  SMC1  set
5Air cylinder JAPAN  SMC1 set
6sensor JAPAN  SMC1  set
7Storage system (Drawer code tray series)GONGTIE1  set
8Inlet and outlet deviceGONGTIE1  set
9Vibrating discGONGTIE1  set
10Automation of single trussGONGTIE1  set
Electrical system core components 
1Electrical componentSchneider of France1  set
2Servo motors/systemsSYNTEC ALL IN ONE1  set
3Control systemSYNTEC ALL IN ONE1  set
4Reduction gearTaiwan China1  set
5Human-computer interfacSYNTEC1  set

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